Testing the Firexo Fire Extinguisher – One Extinguisher All Fires

Firexo Testing with Devon & Somerset Fire And Rescue




Please click on the link above to see the testing carried out in conjunction with one of our clients and Devon & Somerset Fire And Rescue. The fire extinguisher in use is a Firexo 6L Unit. The fire in question is a vat of Kerosine set alight which burns for a good five minutes prior to being tackled. I took the video and even stood where back away from the fire the heat was intense.

This experiment had been tried a few weeks ago by other alternatives on the market and they had failed to suitably tackle the blaze. You will see by the video above the fire was contained in a matter of seconds. The extinguisher wasn’t even spent and was reused on another blaze.

These units are far more environmentally friendly that the others on the market plus with the added functionality that they will tackle all types of fire they make choosing an extinguisher easy.

There are added cost saving features in that you only need one on a fire station where traditionally you would need two. Imagine the training regime on this extinguisher and lack of confusion for the user as they don’t actually need to know which class of fire they are fighting. It’s point and click!

These units will revolutionise portable fire extinguishers within this country. We would welcome enquiries on this product, they can be phased into your site as your others become out of date. Stop and think before you purchase a CO2 or a Foam or a Dry Powder….. Fit a Firexo

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