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We’ve got an app for that!

According to latest figures, the number of smartphones shipped globally will top 1bn this year.

The portability, functionality and user-friendliness of tablets and smartphones have very much resulted in a crossing of the divide from solely being consumer devices for private use and into the business workplace. With the increase in the widespread availability of free wi-fi services the ability to use the portable device for online applications is now established.

So with all this in mind it is only expected that our acceptance of apps for music, lifestyle, networking, sports etc would lead to the development of functions for security based processes far beyond those of the ones that simply lead to an online catalogue. Today the apps are more specialised and allow remote access to CCTV footage, alarm monitoring or other functions.

It’s the user interface of the next-gen systems that makes using them ideal for remote monitoring, much more practical than with previous technologies such as the PC. Of course looking at premises’ CCTV footage from the desktop is fine if that is the only place you will ever need to access it from, but with the tablet or smartphone and utilising Cloud technology you can be anywhere in the world and view the images and not only review the footage but also make constructive changes to the set-up and communicate with the equipment.

The new devices allow people to view all of the available data before making any decisions. It is also possible to pre-empt scenarios rather than just react to them. Other systems allow the user to check CCTV footage or alarm status and also interact with the building management system and turn on/off lights and heating etc.

Many of the security sector apps are free to download and are supplied from the manufacturer along with the specific piece of kit it relates to, or are available via the app store relevant to your device.
For those customers with multi-site, multi-location customers who have either many satellite offices or outlets, such as a retailer, where they would want some kind of central monitoring of cameras from each location the benefits of remote access using a smartphone or tablet is ideal. With the increase of Fibre based broadband in many areas a single IP camera on broadband can produce a very cost effective monitoring system for a business owner who cannot always be at his place of work.