Safeguarding Sorted

Callington Community College

Universal Fire And Security Ltd have continued to increase their impressive portfolio of educational establishments by assisting Callington Community College in Cornwall (try saying that fast!) with concerns over being able to walk straight into the main reception on site.

As with many secondary schools/colleges the premises tend to sprawl over a large footprint. The college has, in recent years, taken steps to secure access to the grounds and hence the buildings with the installation of a perimeter fence. One area of concern that remained was the main reception access.

In consultation with the school a proposal was put together to secure the inner doors with a Paxton Net 2 Entry system. This allows visitors to step in out of the weather conditions but restricts direct access to the main school via an Audio and Visual Intercom system linked to main reception. Inbuilt within the intercom is a proximity reader allowing authorised personnel access.

As the Net 2 system is computerised the ease of managing cards and having full audit facilities is made simple.

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