Holy Trinity Church, Torbryan Devon

Holy Trinity Church, Torbryan Devon – Featured on BBC Spotlight


Universal Fire and Security Ltd have recently installed a High Definition (HD) CCTV Camera system at Holy Trinity Church, Torbryan in Devon. The engineer installed CCTV cameras internally over a three-day period. The CCTV cameras have been installed to protect and prevent theft of the 15th Century Oak Panels which contain painting of a Saint. The CCTV is designed to pick up a motion and has infra-red lighting which is especially good for night times. The Oak Panels were previously stolen in August 2013. This only came to light when a maintenance team on a routine inspection noticed they were missing. The beautiful Oak panels were recovered damaged and thanks to the generous donation form the public were able to be restored. They were returned to their rightful home in June 2016.

Holy Trinity Church, Torbryan Devon was constructed between 1450 and 1470. The Church is a local landmark and the small country path leading to it does not prepare you for the beauty of the Church which wait around the corner. The church features an octagonal star turret which is of architectural beauty. Holy Trinity Church features 40 painted panels of the saints which adorn oak panels. The church also contains medieval stained glass windows. All these features give the Holy Trinity Castle is medieval appearance.

BBC Spotlight recently featured Holy Trinity Church and the installation of the CCTV by Universal Fire and Security Ltd. Being a landmark building of great age the installation had to be sensitively carried out.  The story features how the panels were stolen and how they were recovered in January 2015 after a collector discovered them in an online auction.