Have you got an old analogue cctv system? Do you struggle to review images and data? If money were no object would you want to improve your image quality 20 times over?

Well don’t despair the solution is right here right now and at such a reasonable cost! The latest HD cameras (1080P resolution – the same as your HD TV) now work on your existing cabling.

Each of the cameras comes with both analogue and HD technology built in so if you don’t upgrade your recording device (DVR) then just replace your cameras, use them on analogue and when the time comes to upgrade your DVR you will have HD quality pictures.

Alternatively upgrade your DVR to HD capabilities as these can record both analogue and HD on the same unit. So upgrading your CCTV can be done in stages as money is available.

All DVRs come with the facility for remote viewing and playback on an APP or PC.

If you are interested then contact us on 01752 511222 or sales@universalfireandsecurity.co.uk , the pricing will surprise you!!