Working At Heights Using The Tetra System

Tetra TrainingRecently all engineering staff employed by Universal Fire And Security Ltd attended a full day training course on safe working at heights using the Tetra System –

The engineers were all issued kits and were trained in their usage to enable safe working at heights obeying the principle of keeping three points of contact with the ladder at all times whilst still being able to carry out tasks like drilling and installation of equipment. The Tetra System is now widely employed by such companies as SKY and BT to ensure their employees have a safe working environment. The Directors of Universal Fire And Security Ltd are constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of their service to the client and having an engineering staff that feel safe and confident in all working conditions helps with that process. It represents a considerable investment for the company and also stands them out amongst local companies being the first SME in their industry in the South West to adopt the system. In conjunction with Plymouth Community Homes, a Universal Fire And Security Ltd client, they were able to arrange training at a local level with it being expertly delivered by Chris Beer from their Health and Safety team who is a qualified Tetra Instructor.  ‘The Tetra System allows us to feel confident that we can meet our clients’ needs whilst keeping our engineers safe – a win win situation ‘ commented Mark Gibson, Director.