It is with unbelievable sadness that we announce the loss of one of our own. Liam passed away this week after a battle with the demons that exist in all of our lives.

We are a small company and everyone works closely together. Liam was unanimously liked by every employee, he was kind, considerate and just a lovely guy. We are a family at Universal and the family is grieving.

As we lead busy lives it is not easy to spot people struggling with issues in their mental well being, that has been compounded as we live through lock down and its not easy to come together. We lose too many young people in this way.

Rest in peace Liam Bennett you will always be remembered

If you or someone you know is struggling then pick up the phone, there are some great listening organisations out there. The Samaritans is one of them. Or if you wish to donate to them in memory of Liam use this link

Stay Safe