Cornish School gets Fire Alarm Makeover including Lock Down Facilities


When the time came for Landulph Primary School to update their fire alarm system they commissioned designs and quotations from the market place. Through a solid design, good pricing structure and that ‘attention to detail’ in explaining to the school what the installation would entail, Universal Fire And Security were able to secure the business.

The installation of the system took part during the six week holiday period in the summer. One important feature of the system was the addition of a ‘lock down’ unit which allows a member of staff to easily warn the rest of the school that they need to lock down the site. These units have been designed following government advice to schools and are able to be retro fitted to most systems.

A lot of schools are insured under a ‘blanket scheme’ with local councils or academies. What is not readily known is that to comply to the insurers requirements and hence have full cover the design and the implementation of the system needs to be to L2/M standards.