Are you ready for lockdown release?


We are living during unprecedented times, well in my lifetime we are. We are in the fourth week of lockdown and the streets are virtually empty, many businesses are closed and life is very different to six weeks ago. As we approach the flattening of the curve we need to ask ourselves what happens next? If following countries that got hit before we did is anything to go on then there will be a partial release of the lockdown, so the question we are asking is ‘are you ready for lockdown release and will your premises’ arrangements prior to lockdown suffice to protect staff and clients in the next phase to come’?

There are many electronic solutions to assist businesses, schools, colleges, care homes, and other premises in the battle against Covid-19 and any future virus that may show its ugly face.

  • Do you need an air lock system between outer and inner doors to control either one in or one out of the building?
  • Do you need hands free access control as opposed to using keypads or fingerprint readers that could pass on the virus?
  • Do you want to continue working from home more but need to turn off the intruder alarm and open the goods in door so deliveries can be made?
  • Do you need temperature sensing cameras monitoring people who enter your building?
  • Do you need a lockdown facility to warn staff on site to stay where they are until a potential threat passes?

These and many more solutions exist to help get premises safe for occupation. For more information on how we can hep you contact us on or 01752 511222.

Stay Safe! We will get through this together